Another Day in Skopje

Another Day in Skopje

Wander just a few miles out of the urban jungle, and you find yourself at the very gate to the Skopje countryside. The first stop, surprisingly close to the city of Skopje, is the nature paradise known as Canyon Matka. An outdoor attraction covering 5000 hectares of breathtaking scenery, it is easily one of the most captivating places Skopje and Macedonia has to offer.

It is a gorge in which a rich complex of medieval building survives, including churches, monasteries and remnants of a fortress (the medieval town of Matka). There are dozens of caves and large number of endemic plants and animals.

Where to start
There are several ways to get to Canyon Matka, but to have the complete experience we recommend climbing mount Vodno and taking the trail to Matka making this the most vivid trips you’ll experience.

There are two ways to climb to the middle of mount Vodno, take the bus or hike along the marked trails. Once you get to the middle of the mountain we recommend getting a ticket for the Gondolas (Cable car) which will take you to the top of the mountain. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride as it will offer beautiful sight of the city.

Did You Know?

Fact #2

The city had changed its name four times throughout the centuries, being called Skupi (13 year B.C), Justinijana Prima (5th, 6th century), Skopje (7th century) and Ushkup (14th century).

Fact #1

After Macedonia was liberated from the Turks’ sway in the early 20th century, it became a Republic of the Yugoslav Federation with Skopje as its capital.

Millenium Cross

Once you are at the top stay for a short time and enjoy the surroundings. When you are ready take the trail leading to Canyon Matka.

The trail is easy and it is, and although you are so close to the capital, you can feel completely isolated. There are rolling green hills as far as you could see, with mountains in the distance and a couple small towns dotting the landscape.

This hike is all downhill, and it is “moderately” easy, as the final descent into the canyon slides down and can be slippery.

Vodno - Matka Trail

After the Square Macedonia and the Archeological museum you can continue your One day in Skopje walk into the Old Bazar for some tasty food, old Ottoman style mosques, hamams and the most amazing church in Skopje, the Saint Spas. 

Canyon Matka

After the exploring of the Old Bazar and its narrow streets, being amazed by the ceilings of the Mosques, by the iconostasis and frescoes, continue your way towards the Skopje Fortress (Kale) and then down by the Government, into the city park for an ice-cream or coffee under the deep shadows near the pond and rest from your One day in Skopje walk.

Matka by Boat

If you didn’t have food in the Old Bazar you should definitely enter the Bohemian Quarter and head towards the “Boemska Ulica” or Bohemian Street for some nice traditional Macedonian food in some of the traditional restaurants.

After the meal you can finish your walk and your One day in Skopje by visiting the main Orthodox Church which is in the middle of the path from the Bohemian Street and the Macedonia Square.

Cave Vrelo

This should conclude your One Day in Skopje. Check out our other tours or visit a specific place you are interested in.

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