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Car rental in Skopje

Car Rental

Rent a Car in Skopje

If you plan on visiting the outskirts of Skopje or traveling around North Macedonia, you can always rent a car from one of the car rental companies situated in Skopje or Skopje International Airport.

All car rentals in Skopje offer online booking of a vehicle which can be picked up from their location at the arranged time.

At the rental counter, you’ll need:

Your passport

Your voucher

A driver’s license for each driver

The main driver’s credit card (some companies accept debit cards, but most don’t).

Important: Check the car’s rental terms as well, because each company has its own rules. For example, they might need to see extra ID, might not accept certain types of credit cards, or might not rent to anybody who hasn’t held their driver’s license for 36 months, etc.

Car Rental


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