Food & Drink

Delve into the exciting food scene as you let your stomach lead you to the best restaurants, pastry shops and fast food joints.

Food & Drink

Lounge Bars in Skopje


Sophisticated people want a sophisticated place to go that warrants a high heeled pump or a Windsor knotted tie. Mind you, we have also included some establishments that wouldn’t blink if you decide to make your entrance in yoga pants.

With a range of drinks including Beer, Gins and Cocktails to be served in the evenings and offering an excellent Brunch menu to be served during the day, Skopje’s Lounge Bars want to bring something new and lively to the town!

Food & Drink

Restaurants in Skopje

Top Attractions

Skopje Attractions

A trip to the capital wouldn’t be complete without seeing the top attractions in Skopje. Make sure to tick these top things to see in Skopje off your list..

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