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Your comprehensive guide to public transport in Skopje

Public transport

Taxi in Skopje

From standard taxi service to organized group transport , find all the information you need to help you travel around London by taxi.

To quickly get around Skopje, getting a taxi is your best option. Skopje’s official taxis can be hailed in the street or at designated ranks situated in prominent places, including many mainline rail and bus stations. They can also be booked by telephone.

Taxis are easily recognized by their yellow and white color with checkered stripe on the side.

All fares are metered, and there is a minimum charge of 40 denars, plus 20 denars for each kilometer. Additional charges apply when you take a taxi from Skopje International Airport

If you have a special need, such as wheelchair, mention it to the dispatcher so they can send the right car

Taxi Info


Only licensed cabs can be hailed in the street. If the yellow TAXI sign is on, the cab is available for hire

All taxi fares are metered and there is a minimum charge of 40 denars.

Only book licensed cabs which can be recognized by their yellow and white color with a checkered line on the site.

At the end of your trip always ask for the receipt.

Public transport

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