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Public transport

Skopje by Bus

Skopje is a city that relies on its vast, frequent and efficient bus network. Buses are a quick, convenient and cheap way to travel around the city, with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way.
Skopje’s bus route network covers the entire city with a 24-hour service. Read on to find out all you need to know about bus travel in Skopje. 

The fare for the buses in Skopje can be paid by card and phone only, so no need for cash.

A single bus journey costs 35 denars no matter how far you go. You can take multiple buses within 90 minutes with a special time ticket which costs 60 denars.
Paying your fare is very easy – simply touch your payment card of choice on the card reader as you board the bus, or dial 185 on your mobile phone. To avoid card clash, make sure to only touch one card on the reader, and keep your other cards separate.
For more information about Skopje bus fares, see the website.
To get a bus card you need to visit one of the shops around the city which can be found on the link bellow.

Bus Card Shops
To track busses and help you move around Skopje easier download the app for your phone

Android iPhone

Ticket Info

Skopje buses are all cashless, so you need a Skopska bus card or a mobile phone with local sim card for contactless payment.

Bus fare is 35 denars for a one way trip using the bus card and 40 denars using your mobile phone.

You can hop on unlimited buses with within 90 minutes if you get a time ticket on your bus card which costs 60 denars.
Night buses run all night and the fares are 40 denars with a bus card and 50 denars from a mobile phone.

You can also get a daily ticket for all buses for 120 denars, and if you stay longer you can get a 10 rides ticket for 250 denars which lasts for 15 days from the moment you use your first ride.

A 7 day ticket can be purchased for 500 denars, which includes a two-way ticket for the Millennium Cross cable cart

Top Attractions

Skopje Attractions

A trip to the capital wouldn’t be complete without seeing the top attractions in Skopje. Make sure to tick these top things to see in Skopje off your list..

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