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Parking in Skopje

If you’re driving to Skopje or around Skopje, you need to know about parking your car, including information on parking fines and car parks.

Parking in Skopje can be difficult, particularly in the Center. If you plan to drive to Skopje, plan ahead by researching car parks near your destination

In Skopje, there are two types of parking available, parking on the street known as zone parking and parking in parking garages.

Parking Zones

Parking zones can be found all around the city center divided into 4 zones (A, B, C, D). Zone A is nearest to the center and as you move further from the center you will see Zones B – D.

How to pay

When you park your car on one of the parking zones you can pay by SMS from your phone or by getting a parking ticket i.e. scratch card which needs to be clearly visible

Each zone is clearly marked with a board where you can see the zone you are in, working hours and instructions on how to send a SMS to start your parking

Parking Zones


The parking zones are organized in 4 zones according to the location, the distance from the city center and the duration. The four zones are as follows:

First zone- The Red Zone 1 (A) – it is in the very center of the city where you can only park for two hours. After that you must remove your car from the parking lot.

Second zone- The Yellow Zone 2 (B) – it is near to the center of the city and the parking time limit is 4 hours.

Third zone- The Green Zone 3 (C) – It is a bit further from the city center and there is no parking limit.

Fourth zone- The White Zone 4 (D) – it is in the neighboring Municipality of Aerodrom and there is no parking time limit.

Public transport

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